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What is Softfil®?

Softfil® is a micro-cannula that forms part of the Softfil® Precision range. It is indicated for many different types of injections, including hyaluronic acid (HA), platelet-rich plasma (PRP), Lipofilling As Well As Mesotherapy Injections. Softfil® Cannula also has other clinical uses. The Precision line has 15 different sizes, which are specially designed to match all needs. This cannula has a size of 22G and a length of 50 mm (2 inches). It can be used on the chin, cheek, jowl, and contour for deep nappage and volumizing. This product is supplied in a box of 20 along with pre-hole needles. Softfil® Cannula is a Class IIa medical device.

What Are The Features of Softfil®?

  • Mark on the hub: Softfil® Cannula has a red dot on the hub, which allows the orifice to be easily spotted even when inserted into the skin.
  • Centimetric graduation: Softfil® Cannula is designed with centimetric graduation, which allows for control of injection level.
  • Extra-large internal caliber: This cannula has an extra-large internal caliber, reducing the injection pressure needed.
  • Unique rheology: Softfil® Cannula has Unique Rheology properties, which contribute to the less physical constraint of filler molecules and smoother product flow.
  • Fully compatible with all fillers: The outside diameters, lengths, and internal calibers of Softfil® Cannulas are suitable to be used with any filler.

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Side Effects of Softfil®:

Common side effects of Softfil® include but are not limited to:

  • Stinging
  • Feeling Of Heat At The Injection Site
  • Pain
  • Itching Around The Area Where The Injection Was Given
  • Erythema (Skin Redness)
  • In Addition, Repeated Injections Can Cause Scar Tissue To Form.

Cautions To Take Softfil®:

Softfil® Cannulas are manufactured for human use. Softfil® Cannula must be used by a professional authorized according to the legislation in force of Softfil® Injection Techniques. Before any use, the users should inspect the injection site to ensure that there is no infection, inflammation, edema, skin lesion, scar, birthmark, bone protrusion, lipohypertrohpie. Users should follow appropriate aseptic conditions and handle needles with caution to avoid infectious diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do the results last?

Softfil® is disposable and intended for one-time use only.

2. How does Softfil® Cannula work?

The high performance Softfil® Cannula ensures the safety of injection. It reduces the injection pressure needed while allowing for smoother product flow.

3. Why Softfil® Cannula is preferable?

Ans: Softfil® Cannula is preferable for:

  • smoother product flow
  • helping effortless sliding under the skin.
  • enhancing the accuracy of injection
  • making it easier to adjust the injection depth symmetrically
  • having an extra-large (XL) internal caliber

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